Copywriting – More Diverse Than a Mos Eisley Cantina

David C Justin, CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator, Star Wars Geek

If you’ve ever spent any time looking for a copywriter, you’ve probably noticed we’re a pretty diverse bunch of characters. We cover different niches and industries, while specializing in different styles and tones. Kinda reminds me of the alien diversity in the Star Wars universe.

Of course, all copywriting is created with the same purpose: to convince you to take some form of action. Advertising executive Judith K. Charles once said, “A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter.”

As a copywriter, it’s my goal – my mission – to sell you something. A product. A service. An idea. An emotion. A better version of you. Something to solve the problem you may, or may not, have known you had. Luckily, as a copywriter, I have different ways of doing this.

Just like there’s a wide variety of alien species in that galaxy far, far away, there’s a plethora of copywriting styles, too.

Advertising copywriting is creating written content that pairs with the visual portion of an advertising campaign. Examples include billboards, print ads (magazine & newspaper), website banners and social media posts.

Digital copywriting is persuasive content written specifically for the internet. Website content, blogs, emails and social media are where you find this type of copy.

SEO copywriting is a specialized form of digital copywriting that uses carefully chosen keywords and phrases to help rank higher in search results.

Creative copywriting uses storytelling to craft copy that establishes a tone, voice and brand for the business. A lot of companies do this with print ads and with commercials.

Direct Response copywriting is written to persuade or inspire you do to do something right now. Every time you see “CLICK HERE” or “CALL NOW” you’re looking at direct response copywriting.

Conversion copywriting is a specialized form of direct response copywriting that focuses on a single action and uses specific words, phrases or benefits to achieve that goal.

Technical copywriting is written about technical products and services using industry and technical jargon.

Want to see great examples of these types of copywriting? Well, you’re in luck. I have a couple. But you’re going to have to wait until the end because I’ve got more to say. So, on we go.

While each style of copywriting is different, trying to definitively categorize any particular example into one specific style is like trying to explain the whole Skywalker family dynamic to someone who’s never seen or heard of Star Wars. They all overlap in some somewhat complicated Venn diagram sort of way.

For example, SEO copywriting can also be direct response. And SEO is always digital. But not all direct response copywriting is digital.

To illustrate my point, check out this ad for Star Wars Weekends at Disney-MGM Studios.

David C Justin, CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator, Star Wars Geek

What kind of copywriting style does this fall into? If you said creative, you’re right because you don’t need a lot of content to create creative copywriting. It also falls into advertising and digital.

Now check out page from

David C Justin, CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator, Star Wars Geek

What do you think? Digital? Advertising? Direct Response? Definitely yes to all.

Okay, one last one.

David C Justin, CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator, Star Wars Geek

This signup from is a great example of advertising, digital, SEO and conversion copywriting all wrapped up in a short, concise landing page.

The point I’m trying to make with these examples is there’s all sorts of ways for a copywriter to talk you into doing something because copywriting isn’t a one size fits all type of job. You have to take different factors into account:

  • Your Product/Service
  • Your The Audience
  • Your Brand
  • Your Campaign
  • Your Budget
  • Your Timing

Based on this, I can help you determine just what kind of copywriting you need for your business. All you have to do is click here and call or email me. And for the record, this blog falls under the categories of digital, SEO, creative and direct response.

Until the next time… May the Force be with you…

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