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Case Study Parody: Hiut Denim Jeans

David C Justin, The CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter

The Hiut Denim Company makes one thing and one thing only… Jeans.

These aren’t the jeans you pick out of a cube wall in a retail store in the mall. No, these jeans are made in the small town of Cardigan, United Kingdom, where the locals have been making jeans for more than three decades. And with only 100 pairs handmade each week by the Grand Masters and at a retail cost ranging between $200-300 per pair, Hiut Denim jeans are marketed for a very specific audience – the Denim Geek.

That’s why their company philosophy is also their biggest marketing point:

“Do One Thing Well. We make jeans. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it.”

Recreating the Ad…

To recreate the Hiut Denim Jeans ad featured above, I could think of no better Star Wars model than the Stormtrooper. Their iconic armor varies only when required for environmental or operational specialization. But the Empire (and later First Order) put a lot of effort into making sure that their troops looked uniform and precise. Too bad they didn’t focus on better protection.

When I first came across this ad for Hiut Denim Company, I was struck by the statement, Do One Thing Well. It’s so simple and direct and it applies so very perfectly to advertising and content marketing. Focus on one message, one idea, one strategy. Far too often, you see businesses churn out random pieces of content that have no connection to one other in their bid to focus on quantity, rather than quality. And while this can help SEO search rankings in the short run, it comes across to your target audience as scattered and unfocused.

By developing a dedicated content strategy, focused on a single message, you can create an effective campaign that both appeals to and connects with your audience.

If you want to do one thing well and create a content strategy that works, I can help. Just drop me a line and let’s get started.

Until next time… May the Force be with you.

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