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Case Study Parody: Songs about Volvos

David C Justin, The CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter

First introduced in 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette is an American icon. Due to its distinctive body style and long-term success, the Corvette has become the most successful concept car and most popular sports car in history.

Thanks to being featured in the popular 1960s television show Route 66, the car has been etched in the American conscious as the vehicle for freedom and adventure. The two-seater continued to build fame and notoriety when Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts were given Corvettes as gifts and were frequently witnessed racing them on Florida beach roads. But it was the hit song, “Little Red Corvette” by Prince that provided the inspiration for the Corvette ad/poster presented today.

David C Justin, The CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator, Star Wars Geek

When this Corvette ad/poster was created, the agency gave a subtle nod to the song while taking a dig at Volvo, a car line marketed as safe, solid and reliable – a contrast to the fun and daring personality that Corvette had become known for.

In Star Wars, there are several iconic vehicles – the Millenium Falcon, TIE Fighters, Slave-1 – but the first one to get its own video game was the iconic X-Wing starfighter. Piloted by Luke Skywalker and the Rebels at the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor, X-Wings were used to destroy both Death Stars .

Due to its enormous popularity, a space combat simulation video game centered around the X-Wing was published in 1993 by LucasArts. It performed well beyond expectations, spawned multiple expansion packs and two sequels. To this day it is still considered one of the best Star Wars video games ever released.

When I decided to create a parody of the Corvette ad, the X-Wing was the only choice. No other Star Wars vehicle has the same type of appeal as the Corvette and the X-Wing video game gave me the perfect opportunity to recreate the ad. And there another starfighter that closely resembled the Volvo in the fact that it was considered to have the same characteristics: safe, solid and reliable – the Y-Wing.

David C Justin, The CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Content Creator, Star Wars Geek

The Corvette ad/poster is a powerful reminder that the safest or most reliable option isn’t always the best. Sometimes you want – no – you need to get out of your comfort zone, take a risk and do something daring. You need to do something that gets your endorphins pumping and sets your heart racing. It’s these moments that help you stand out and make your clients take notice.

So which starfighter do you want to fly? The reliable but safe Y-Wing or the daring and risky X-Wing? Take some time and decide which suits you best. Then let me know what I can do to help you achieve your goals. But don’t take too long because it’s time to report for duty.

This is Red Five. I’m going in.

Until next time… May the Force be with you.


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