August 20, 2020… It’s National Radio Day!

David C Justin, The CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Star Wars Geek

Many years ago, I inherited an old radio shell from my grandparents.

Even in its original glory it was more stunning piece of fine art than technological marvel with its polished wood finish and hand-carved accents. The dials, knobs, vacuum tubes, capacitors and even speaker were removed long before I made my way into the world, but it didn’t stop me from opening the panel doors and pretend to listen to broadcasts of The Lone Ranger or The Shadow.

While pictures and videos can give you sights and sounds you could only previously imagine, it’s words that give birth to those imaginings. We’ve been telling stories since we first learned to communicate with one another. They helped explain the world around us and helped us realize our potential. It’s those stories that create connections and forge bonds between us.

In copywriting, words are a powerful way to connect producer and consumer. They help us relate to one another and offer solutions to our problem.

Simply put, words can turn dreams into reality.

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