September 2, 2020… It’s Global Talent Acquisition Day!

David C Justin, The CopyGeek, Dallas Freelance Copywriter, Star Wars Geek

I’ve always hated looking for a job.

Searching job boards. Sending out resumes. Filling out applications. Waiting and waiting for phone calls that didn’t always come. That’s probably why I spent five years working at Six Flags as a teenager and 18 years as an adult working for AT&T (my version of the Galactic Empire).

As a freelance copywriter, there are times it seems like I’m constantly looking for new clients to fill the gap of completed projects. That’s why I like working with digital marketing agencies. They’ve always got new projects coming through the door and once you get in with them, it can be a near-constant source of work and revenue.

Wherever you find your clients, just be sure to follow these important rules…

  • Get paid for the talent and experience you bring to the project.
  • Always overdeliver so they keep coming back for more.

If you can follow those two rules, you always get paid what you’re worth and you’ll never run out of work.

Until next time, may the Force be with you.

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