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David C Justin, CopyGeek Communications, Dallas Copywriting Services

Why CTA is Critical in Website Copywriting

At its core, the goal of copywriting is to get your audience to do something you want them to do. The first steps to accomplish this is to show them you understand the challenges they face and to showcase the benefits of your offer. However, none of that matters if you don’t let the audienceContinue reading “Why CTA is Critical in Website Copywriting”

Using Proof to Show vs Tell in Website Copywriting

If you’ve ever done any creative writing, you’ve heard the old adage, “Show, Don’t Tell.” This simply means don’t tell your audience what’s happening. Instead, allow them to experience it through action verbs and sensory details. Take this comparison of Tell versus Show… An example of Tell: Darth Vader was mad at Admiral Ozzel forContinue reading “Using Proof to Show vs Tell in Website Copywriting”