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Case Study Parody: MAC vs PC

Despite the fact that there are over 2 billion computers in the world (including servers, desktops and laptops), the digital world is dominated by two companies – Microsoft and Apple. While both companies and their operating systems are very popular, Microsoft has always been more successful. But in 2006, Apple created an ad campaign toContinue reading “Case Study Parody: MAC vs PC”

Case Study Parody: Songs about Volvos

First introduced in 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette is an American icon. Due to its distinctive body style and long-term success, the Corvette has become the most successful concept car and most popular sports car in history. Thanks to being featured in the popular 1960s television show Route 66, the car has been etched in theContinue reading “Case Study Parody: Songs about Volvos”

Case Study Parody: Smell Like a Man

Before 2010, Old Spice was known as the brand used by your father and grandfather. Originally manufactured by the Shulton Company in 1937, the company first launched Early American Old Spice for women, followed quickly by Old Spice for men. Purchased in 1990 by Proctor & Gamble, Old Spice took on the task of appealingContinue reading “Case Study Parody: Smell Like a Man”

Case Study Parody: Cider Jack

Even though Cider Jack Hard Cider was discontinued in 2009, their marketing campaign and advertising like the print ad below was fun and edgy. They weren’t afraid of taking chances. And since cider is stereotypically considered a lighter or less hardy adult beverage, implying that it’s good enough for you felony-challenged mom gives it anContinue reading “Case Study Parody: Cider Jack”

Case Study Parody: Hiut Denim Jeans

The Hiut Denim Company makes one thing and one thing only… Jeans. These aren’t the jeans you pick out of a cube wall in a retail store in the mall. No, these jeans are made in the small town of Cardigan, United Kingdom, where the locals have been making jeans for more than three decades.Continue reading “Case Study Parody: Hiut Denim Jeans”