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David C Justin, CopyGeek Communications, Dallas Copywriting Services

10 Tips for Conversational Copywriting

While the primary purpose of copywriting is to convince the audience to take some form of action, it’s not always clear to business owners how to actually accomplish this. Regardless of how effective your products and services are, oftentimes it’s about the connection you make with your audience. There’s a quote in the original StarContinue reading “10 Tips for Conversational Copywriting”

7 Keys to Effective Website Copy

Did you know there are almost 2 billion websites currently online? While only about 400 million are actually active – including a staggering 380 new sites every minute – that’s still a whole lot of competition fighting to attract the same audience as you. In order to make an impression in the minds of yourContinue reading “7 Keys to Effective Website Copy”

Fundamentals of Website Copywriting

It should go without saying that every business, no matter how big or small, should have its own website. However, you’d be surprised how often businesses think of launching a new site only as an afterthought. Almost half of small businesses (40%) don’t even have a website and another 28% don’t plan on launching oneContinue reading “Fundamentals of Website Copywriting”

Case Study Parody: MAC vs PC

Despite the fact that there are over 2 billion computers in the world (including servers, desktops and laptops), the digital world is dominated by two companies – Microsoft and Apple. While both companies and their operating systems are very popular, Microsoft has always been more successful. But in 2006, Apple created an ad campaign toContinue reading “Case Study Parody: MAC vs PC”

Case Study Parody: Songs about Volvos

First introduced in 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette is an American icon. Due to its distinctive body style and long-term success, the Corvette has become the most successful concept car and most popular sports car in history. Thanks to being featured in the popular 1960s television show Route 66, the car has been etched in theContinue reading “Case Study Parody: Songs about Volvos”