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David C Justin, CopyGeek Communications, Dallas Copywriting Services

3 Unspoken Truths About Your Audience

How many times have you heard the phrase KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE? It’s one of the holiest of holy commandments in marketing. To write effective copy, you need to know your audience so you can speak their language and address their pains. For example, you wouldn’t speak at a Star Wars convention and close with liveContinue reading “3 Unspoken Truths About Your Audience”

Why CTA is Critical in Website Copywriting

At its core, the goal of copywriting is to get your audience to do something you want them to do. The first steps to accomplish this is to show them you understand the challenges they face and to showcase the benefits of your offer. However, none of that matters if you don’t let the audienceContinue reading “Why CTA is Critical in Website Copywriting”

Using Proof to Show vs Tell in Website Copywriting

If you’ve ever done any creative writing, you’ve heard the old adage, “Show, Don’t Tell.” This simply means don’t tell your audience what’s happening. Instead, allow them to experience it through action verbs and sensory details. Take this comparison of Tell versus Show… An example of Tell: Darth Vader was mad at Admiral Ozzel forContinue reading “Using Proof to Show vs Tell in Website Copywriting”

Persuasive Techniques for Website Copywriting

Do you remember that scene in Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope when Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrive in Tatooine with R2-D2 and C-3PO? Imperial Stormtroopers immediately stop them and begin asking about the droids, but Kenobi subtly waves his hand and tells the troopers, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”Continue reading “Persuasive Techniques for Website Copywriting”

Make Your Website Copy More Customer-Driven

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but there’s an ugly truth that you need to know right now. I know it might sound harsh and there are certainly exceptions to this, but a fact is a fact. Your customers don’t care about you or your business. They only care about themselves. But before youContinue reading “Make Your Website Copy More Customer-Driven”