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Inspired Interiors

Live Life Inspired

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Personalized Inspiration

Your home is your sanctuary – a deeply personal space filled with your most cherished heirlooms and mementos that tell your unique story. Each room should bring comfort and warmth while reminding you of the joys of life.


Find inspiration in the magic of your life and let Inspired Interiors by Meg design personal and beautiful spaces within your home for you and your family.


Whether you’re reinventing your current home or transforming a new house, Inspired Interiors uses your precious keepsakes as inspiration to create a timeless design that is breathtaking, relaxing, and personal.

Inspired by Real Life

Designing and decorating your home or office is a personal project. You’re investing more than money into your transformation. You’re investing your time, your energy, and your history into the final design.


To create a space that inspires you, you need someone who understands how real life affects your decorative tastes and functional preferences.


Led by our founder, Mary Ellen “Meg” Labaziewicz, and influenced by her life journeys, Inspired Interiors creates custom design solutions that are beautiful, personal, and comforting.


Our dedicated and resourceful team works with local suppliers or finds creative ways to source the design elements and materials needed to transform your space without inflating your budget.

Find Your Inspiration

From refreshing a tired room to designing new construction, Inspired Interiors offers comprehensive design services that allow you to create a space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle, whether it’s your home or office.

Through our thorough attention to detail and constant communication with our trade partners and vendors, rest assured your project won’t suffer from costly mistakes that drive your budget through the roof.

Inspirational Testimony

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“In Vino Inspiratio”

In wine, there is inspiration. Join us and be inspired at Wine & Design with Meg, our monthly event where our founder shares her passion for both interior design and fine wine.

Create Your Inspired Interior

Find inspiration in your own life’s journey to create a personal space filled with joy, warmth, and comfort. Inspired Interiors helps you reimagine your home or office with a timeless aesthetic and design that will always feel warm and welcoming.


What are you waiting for? Get inspired. Your new, inspired space is simply a click away…