Well, what do you know? I’m not just a copywriter. I wrote a novel, too!

Milton Tuttle is a grouchy, depressed loner who fails miserably at everything he attempts, including ending his own life. His only true companion is Moira, an overly-optimistic schizophrenic delusion seemingly created by Milton’s mind that is much more than she seems. Content with surviving his drab, unexciting life, his world is turned upside down when he decides to take in a teenage girl named Parker.

Despite his initial misgivings, he soon finds that his life drastically improves when he assumes the role of protector and provider for the sweet but sarcastic runaway. But when the deadly and sadistic criminals from Parker’s past show up to reclaim stolen property, Milton must risk everything to save the young girl’s life.

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David C Justin, The Copy Geek, Freelance Copywriter