You have a lot of opportunities to share the story of your business with your audience and each one of them is unique. Lucky for you, I’m a freelance copywriter and I specialize in a few of them.

Website Content

To connect with your audience, you need compelling content that offers a solution to their problem, tells your story and gives a promise of exceptional service. I create original, customer-driven copy that engages your audience, generates more leads and increases your business. Plus, it’ll make search engines like Google and Bing take notice.


A blog with quality, on-topic content educates your clients while showing them you’re an industry expert dedicated to your business. It also gives the search engines more opportunity to review and index your content, driving your rankings ever closer to page one.

Content Audit

To connect with your target audience, you need content that is customer-driven, focusing on what they need and how you can help. With a content audit, you’ll get an overall assessment and page-by-page breakdown of what your copy is doing right and what you could improve . Tone, voice, branding, spelling, punctuation, grammar, visual effects and customer focus are all considered and documented for your review.

Email Sequences

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience. Share insightful information, make important announcements or sell your products and services. By sending emails, you benefit from promoting your brand and increasing your sales.

Case Studies

Case studies are the analytical proof that your product or service can solve a problem or provide a benefit for your customers. By using client testimony and company data, I write case studies that explain the problem your client faced, the solution your product offered and the results your client achieved.


Regardless if it’s in a magazine or a newspaper, articles are an art form all their own. Despite the theory that our attention spans are getting shorter, long-form writing is still a perfect way to engage your clients and give them more thorough and compelling content.

While these are the main services I provide, I also have experience with video scripts, press releases, white papers and product/service manuals. Whatever your writing needs are, I can help. All you have to do is drop me a line.