/ɡēk/ • noun – one who is an expert or has excessive enthusiasm for a specialized subject or intellectual pursuit.

My name is David C Justin and I’m a copy geek (copywriter and content creator). I specialize in writing website content, magazine articles, blogs and marketing emails. I’m also a sci-fi geek and life-long fan of everything that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

And what exactly makes me a geek? Simple. It’s my long time appreciation, immersion and desire to know and understand everything about something.

That’s probably the same way you feel about your business. You want to know every update, trend and innovation in your industry, anything to improve your product, serve your customer and build your success.

That makes you a geek, too. Welcome to the club. Membership is free. Lightsabers are optional.

So from one geek to another, let’s work together. Let me create engaging content that connects you with your audience, defines your brand, enhances your online business and generates new leads. Together we’ll find the perfect way to tell your story and deliver your message.

Click here and let’s get started.